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Image by Kym MacKinnon



Captain Starlight's Enchanted Forest!

This month we are celebrating MAGIC and FANTASY! We will be talking to magical creatures, peeking into enchanted castles, and brewing potions! 

Below are some fun activities to get the MAGICAL juices flowing! Complete them at your own pace and make sure you share them through the form so that we can show them in the GALLERY below!

Wands at the ready! 

2009-Starlight Kids Illustration-Emily.png
Captain Starlight 1 Point_edited.png
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Activity #1
Picture Scavenger Hunt

SOD - Scavenger Bingo.001.jpeg

Check out this magical path to Captain Starlight's Enchanted Forest! What can you see?


See if you can find these things: 
1. 3 things that can FLY!

2. 3 BLUE things!

3. Something that ISN'T magical!

4. Something from MINECRAFT! 

5. An OWL!

7. THIRTEEN characters from Disney! 

Thanks for submitting!

Activity #2
Make a Magic Wand! 

Some people might be able to do magic without using a wand, but they look so cool we think EVERYONE should have one anyway!!

Grab some paper, popsticks, straws, alfoil, ANYTHING, and craft yourself a wand!! Or even draw what your ideal wand would look like! 


We would LOVE to see a picture of your wand! You can submit a picture in the form below!

Upload a Picture

Thanks for submitting!


You can't have a good Fantasy story without some awesome magical creatures! Talking animals, dragons, unicorns, oh my!

Which one is your favourite?? Draw, paint, craft or colour in a picture of your favourite creature to share it with the world! Or just tell us, and we'll find a picture for you!

The best part is, if you can't decide which one is your favourite, you can do this activity again and again! We want to see them all! 

Send us your pictures or just your answers in the form below! 

Upload a Picture

Thanks for submitting!

Activity #3
Your Favourite Magical Creature! 

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