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Meeka designed and sent us their very own ACTIVITY BOOK full of puzzles, jokes and things to do, and asked us to share it with all our friends!

Check it out here and have a go at some of the activities! We'd love to see a picture of any pictures you draw, or your own activities!! Send them through the form below and we can show them in the GALLERY!

Have fun!


Did you do one of Meeka's Activities?

Did you have a go at something from Meeka's Activity Book? Maybe you found all the words in the Word Search, or you tried out one of the jokes? Or maybe you drew a picture from her ideas! We'd love to see and hear all about it! 


If you drew something, take a photo and upload it using the button below! Or just tell us how you went on the activities!  

Upload a Picture

Thanks for submitting!

Meeka's Activity Zone Gallery

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