Acknowledgement of Country


The Adelaide Starlight Express Room is located on Kaurna land. Starlight acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional
custodians of the lands on which we work, live and play.

What's Happening? 


We've got so much happening throughout the week to celebrate this years NAIDOC week! From activities to special streams there is so much to see and do. So jump onto the website or visit us in the Starlight Express Room to help celebrate and learn more about Indigenous culture


Event Stream 1pm: Damper Making

The Perth team will show us how to make Damper! If you have the facilities you can cook along! 

Activity: Scratch Australian Animals

This is one of our favourite activities to do in the craft room. We've got a number of different Australian Animal scratch art where you can make some pretty amazing patterns.


3pm Game Show: Secret Sound?

Can you guess what the animal is that is making the noise?

Play along at 3pm to win some super cool prizes!

Event Stream 1:30pm: Weird and Wacky Animal of the Larrakia and Beyond!

Join Corey Tutt from DeadlyScience as you discover the weird, wacky and wonderful. Do you know how many eyelids crocodiles have?  The answer may be closer than you know... And even if you know all about our amazing native animals, maybe you'll learn something deadly about other animals around the world too. 

Event Stream 11:30am: Indigenous DJ Hour

Troy Benjamin will be hosting an Indigenous DJ Hour, playing songs by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, sharing his favourite music, and taking requests from kids. 

Event Stream 2:30pm: ACPA Showcase

A special performance showcasing the ACPA Students favourite performances. There will be Traditional Dancing, A Bunyip Dreaming story, Didgeridoo, and a Dance-along traditional dance session. 


We're finishing off the NAIDOC week fun with a super special quiz! Tune in a 3pm to see how many answer you can get correct!

Event Stream 10:30am: Didgeridoo Performance

Stan Moylan will join us for a Didgeridoo performance and demonstration plus playing Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes. 


We've got lots of amazing NAIDOC week arts and crafts happening over the week! We'll be adding to this gallery as we go!

If you've done any special arts and crafts you can send them through out chat box or to


Here are some fantastic fun videos showing some words in the language of the Kaurna people. 


Activity: Hand Tree

We'll be using all of our different hands to build a tree in our arts and crafts room. Will it be big enough to provide shade for all the animals underneath?

3pm Game Show: Animal Guess Who

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 5.34.20 pm.png

We're playing a game of Australian Animal Guess Who!​ Will you be able to ask the right questions to narrow it down?

Tune in at 3pm to play along get your answers in!


Activity: Night Sky Splatter Painting

Make your own splatter paint night sky. Which animal will you have flying through your painting?


3pm Game Show: Picture This

Can you guess which painting the close up photo is from? Featuring artwork made by Cedric Varcoe and kids in the Starlight Room!


Activity: Mirror Decorating

We'll be decorating a cool frame that you could use for a mirror or even of a photo you can put in it. Anything you remember how awesome you are!

Game Show: Lost and Found

We've stubled across some object that belong to some native animals. Can you help us find which animal we need to return them to?

Tune in at 3pm to get your answers in!


Activity: Rock Painting

We'll be decorating rocks in the art room today. What design will you make?